The hub for art-life in New Zealand’s capital. The exhibitions are both challenging and inspiring, making this a gallery very worth a visit.

One of the city’s most iconic experiences, Wellington Cable Car leads to some of the best views of the capital.

Wellington Chocolate Factory

Let your nose lead you to the sweetest spot in town, this chocolate maker gives Wonka a run for his money. New Zealand’s first Certified Organic, bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Lovingly crafted, artisanal, hand made single-origin chocolate.

The first carboNZero-certified zoo in the world, Wellington Zoo puts conservation at the centre of everything it does.

Caffeine Quest: Wellington’s Brew-tiful Obsession!

The capital takes its coffee seriously. Whether after a creamy flat white, a jet-fuelled long black, or something in between, Wellington has plenty of places to keep you caffeinated. These standout roasters and award-winning baristas are here to kick-start your morning.

A lively café on Dixon Street, transformed from a car park and is now home to Flight Coffee, one of Wellington’s beloved roasters. With a diverse coffee menu and a seasonal brunch selection, coffee enthusiasts can indulge in a tasting flight featuring three unique Flight Coffee blends to discover their preferred brew.

Award-winning barista Tait Burge represents an exemplary Wellington café with three locations fostering dedicated local communities. Known for top-notch coffee from local roastery Peoples, Swimsuit, under Tait’s perfectionist approach, is also recognized for its delectable cheese scones, a contender for Wellington’s best.

Aotearoa’s first fully manual coffee brew bar, offers a unique coffee experience by eschewing traditional espresso machines. In a cozy, minimalist space reminiscent of Tokyo and Singapore, customers are encouraged to savor their coffee, appreciate the art of its preparation, and engage in conversations around the communal long bench.

A pioneer of Wellington’s renowned coffee culture, it invites visitors with its industrial-chic ambiance and an all-day menu offering classic café favorites. Known for its expertly made and delicious coffee, the café also houses a ‘beanstore’ providing various coffee accessories, ensuring a complete coffee experience.

Bring your appetite to Wellington!

Fuel your days with the best-ever coffee, enjoy lunch with a side of harbour views, and indulge at award-winning restaurants. Be sure to bring your appetite to Wellington.

From the glow of its walls to the menu, August serves up a warm Mediterranean twist on flavour and feel.

Casual elegance is in perfect harmony at Concord, with French and American influences coming together for chic bistro dining.

A must see venue in Wellington, we offer a selection of nature inspired seasonal dishes & cocktails.

Indulge on bowls of goodness from scrumptious noodles in chicken broth to lush noodle soups, dumplings, iconic loaded fries, fried mini buns and much more. Certainly, you’ll decently feed the hunger for less than $15.